Delivery time depends on the country of delivery.On an average, it takes around 7-30 days.For details,please contact us.

Free shipping to Gulf countries(Iraq,Kuwait,Dubai,Qatar,Oman)Azerbaijan,Turkey,Armenia,Russia.We also deliver to other countries.For more information,please contact us.

You can return the product within 5 days after delivery, if you are not satisfied with…(Please note that the cost incurred on the return of the product has to be borne by you.)

Because we do all process(weaving,selling and marketing of rugs) on our own, we will be able to make any customised pattern and design of your choice in all the types of rugs(Kilim,rug,pictorial rug) and in various sizes.

Having customised, unique and meaningful designs, makes your home vibrant and lively. Why wait? Just order a product of your choice by contacting our team…