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Pictorial carpet(tableau rug)

Picture carpet also known as pictorial carpet,tableau rug,carpet tableau or rug tableau,is a type of decorative carpet,therefore its primary function is ornamental.These types of carpets are used to embellish and adorn room and hall walls hence they are often framed and hung just like paintings


because of the intricacy and complexity of its designs pictorial carpet is mainly made of silk but wool and cotton threads are also common to be used.

Themes represented on a picture carpet can include historical or other scenery,landscape,people,portraits,animals,hunting scenes,statues and figurines,flower compositions and motifs,typical persian miniature-style designs,religious subjects,thus verry different from other types of rugs regarding the patterns.

Even though the function and the design are different,the making process of picture carpets is still the same as the one of the other types of rugs.

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