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our establishment is based in southwestern Iran, near one of the many historical cities of the country, called Jahrom. The city’s history goes back to some 2500 when the Achaemenids established the Persian Empire. Our people come from one of the Qashqai tribes of Iran, keeping alive, among other treasures of the long history of this land, the ancient tradition of carpet weaving, mastered for thousands of years as the knowledge of this wonderful heritage has been literally handed down from father to son, preserving the very essence of the core of this old and precious art. we offer a large variety of Qashqai rugs, Kilims(flat-woven rugs), Gabbeh, accessories, and other nomadic handcrafts.

Our mission started in 1980 with one of the founders and family members, Hatam Parhun with the idea to introduce and share Qashqai cultural treasures to people around the world. Each piece is carefully handmade, telling a unique story and carrying the love and care of weavers.

Our aim is to transform our customers’ houses into warm and welcoming homes, by adding a unique twist to the atmosphere which radiates the whiff of the nomadic artists’ passion and artistic expressive power.

This is in itself a guarantee that the highest quality products will be delivered at all times.

All the processes of the production phase are eco-friendly since the whole meaning of this wonderful art form is bringing nature closer to people, using materials, designs, and patterns found in nature.

All weavers are well-paid due to the fact that they are creating masterpieces with their hands, hence they deserve appreciation for their priceless knowledge and hard work.

 Hatam Parhun (Founder):
I born in a very traditional Qashqai family in a village located in the south of Fars province, Iran. At home, my mom and our relatives were weaving beautiful carpets in front of my eyes. It always fascinated me how a few simple threads became, after a month or two, wonderful rugs with colorful motives on them. As far as I can remember, I have decided just then that I would turn this into a business. Today I have been working for 30 years in the handmade rugs industry.
In the meantime, I started studying Medicine at the university, and later on Social Science, but carpets have remained a passion and love in my life, hence I looked for ways to build us business opportunities to market them. First I started to run Qashqai carpet cooperation named Ilbaft(ایلبافت) meaning ‘nomad-woven carpet manufacturing’. I also own a large collection of both handmade and machine weaved rugs in Jahrom, Fars province of Iran, called Shahre Farsh(city of rugs)
Mahsa Parhun (Financial manager):
I’m Hatam’s daughter. It’s been 10 years since I have been working with my father in the Parhun Handmade Rugs Cooperation. I was always enthralled by rugs since my childhood. Growing up amongst them, seeing these masterpieces forming and growing on the loom, and later on, working with them in the family business gives the real meaning of my life. I am glad that I can impart the heritage of my ancestors and make these wonderful carpets available for other people. As an interior designer, I think that these handmade rugs with traditional patterns are not purely eye-catching with their vibrantly alive colors but also very powerful, full of meaning and symbols enriching our lives and creating a special atmosphere, enlivening the space as if they had their own independent and individual existence and soul.
Emran Parhun (Sales manager):
Hatam’s nephew. I was born in a village located in the South of Fars province in Iran. My attachment to rugs wasn’t, at first, so obvious, self-evident, and discernible. It happened gradually, apparently, as I grew up amongst rugs, weaves, and wool dyeing pools, however, rugs were in the culture around me, in the ambiance, just like an imperceptible but always-present fragrance which goes a long time unnoticed, burnt into the unconscious and manifesting itself later in the conscious mind. Despite the fact that these artworks were under my eyes since my first breath, I decided to make them internationally available only recently. I realized how easily I can incorporate carpets into everything that interests me, from being outdoor, either for camping or for a picnic to sport, culture, and getting to know people around the world. Rugs are just there, everywhere, in a versatile and practical way, unnoticed but indispensable.
David Shiroyan (Russian and Armanian representative):
I’m David, from Armenia. I was born in 1993. My studies and interests were far away from the world of rugs, studying first at the Faculty of International Relations, then European Studies at Yerevan State University, until I met Emran and his cousins. They have introduced me to their mesmerizing culture and rug production. I have been to more countries because of my extensive studies but nowhere I have seen such amazing traditional artworks. Each of them carries a different energy and wavelength, each piece can be analyzed, contemplated, and admired for a long time. Thus achieving a meditative state of mind that can calm down anyone after a busy day outside. The rugs are not just varied but also unique, both artworks and functional pieces, forming an integral part of Qashqai people’s life, and this is what comes with them: the atmosphere of those beautiful, hilly regions where nature and humans are in synergy and harmony.

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